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Wolf Home Products

As we continue our TEK Trek into 2021 we want to be sure to acknowledge and welcome our partners into our TEK Lifestyle. Introducing a company with some of the best cabinetry and design eye we've seen is, Wolf Home Products! Our clients have been asking for the best and we just had to deliver it to them. We're so excited to introduce top of the line cabinetry to our clients - the number of finishes, styles, and added technology from this company is astounding! We can't wait to share it with you - Ask us how we can help you create more room in your house.



As we continue our TEK Trek with our new partners we continue down the world of technology and excited to announce we can supply Samsung Appliances! Progressing more into the world of tomorrow, in terms of design, we want to keep up to pace the big guys and provide our clients top of the line technology. Why go to a big box tech store for appliances when you can come to us?! Ask us how we can make your home smarter and sleeker.


Hallmark Flooring

As we continue our TEK Trek with partners after partners we're excited to introduce the premium company for flooring and much more, Hallmark Resources! Always wanted that wood finish flooring? We got you! Wanted a certain tile design and couldn't find the right one? We'll find it for you! We're ecstatic to be welcoming a company that help builds a foundation in someone's home and can help bring a whole design together. Ask us how we can bring your home together with the right design.